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Graphic by Georgia Scott

Welcome to N3Magazine, the official magazine of N3Conference, a yearly gathering of the Asia chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association. (For the uninitiated, N3 stands for New.Now.Next.)

As N3Conference enters its 11th year, N3Magazine publishes its sixth edition — and its second in a digital-only format.

Under the Story Topics tab, you will find stories, podcasts, and video interviews related to coverage of topics including:

Reimagining News, our conference theme for this year, including a critique on cryptocurrency coverage, hot tips for climate reporting, parachute journalism, news verifications for visuals and videos, and a look back and ahead with AAJA-Asia founders Allen Cheng and Alan Ota.

Advancing News Diversity in Asia, with reports on why diversity in media matters, AAJA-Asia’s news diversity initiative, hate and hope in a post-pandemic world, advice on covering minority communities, and more.  

Media Freedom in Asia, with accounts by journalists covering China, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Korea, Nepal, Singapore, and elsewhere in Asia.

Hong Kong and decline of the free press

Podcasts and video