An N3Con testimonial from JOON-NIE LAU, AAJA-Asia member since 2017

It took me two or three years after seeing my Facebook friends attending consecutive N3Cons for the planets and schedules to align for me to make it to N3Con and I am so glad I did and have been since 2018! N3Con is where some of the smartest, most pro-active and dynamic journalists from around Asia gather to discuss some of the hottest topics facing the industry today. Largely volunteer-run, N3Con is a labor of love, put together by a diverse, passionate group of individuals, committed to AAJA’s mission and vision and nurturing the next generation of journalists.

Photos courtesy of Joon-Nie Lau

Can’t wait for the N3Con 2019 to start! Old friends from Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo meet up for dinner on the streets of Hong Kong the moment they touched down! (L-R) Joon-Nie Lau, Yuri Nagano (back), Chelsea Phua (front), Tom Benner (back) and Holly Chik.

N3Con 2019: Besides visiting newsrooms, participants also had the chance to tour Hong Kong’s News Expo, a newly-opened museum dedicated to history and significance of the city’s news organizations. The museum is located in an old part of Central where over a dozen local newspapers had their first offices.

NewsPicks journalist and N3Con 2019 speaker Yuzuha Oka (right) with her AAJA Mentor Match mentor Joon-Nie Lau (left) shortly before bidding each other goodbye at Hong Kong Airport