Reporting on North Korea

dsc_0373A discussion on the challenges of covering one of the most closed and unpredictable nations in the world. How does one gain access to sources and fact-check when accounts often cannot be verified?

We ask journalists who are close to the stories involving inter-Korean relations, Pyongyang’s latest provocations and discuss¬†how we should be ready to cover a unified Korea on the horizon.

Also, we will have a North Korean defector share his stories of being a professor of computer science in North Korea and open up the floor for questions on his take on the North Korean Sony Pictures cyberattack.



Ted Anthony, Director of Asia-Pacific news, Associated Press

Kwang-tae Kim, Reporter, Yonhap News Service

Martyn Williams, Senior Correspondent, IDG News Service

Heung-kwang Kim, President, North Korea Intellectual Solidarity



Youkyung Lee, Business and Technology writer, Associated Press




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