Data Journalism & Best Practices

dataWith more digital data sources available than ever before, crafting a powerful story out of data can be a rewarding endeavor… if you know where to look.

“Data journalism” can be classified as two types: (1) Data that you can use to write your story BEFORE it’s published and (2) Data you can infer from people reading your story AFTER it’s published, to notice trends. If you have an accurate supply of data, some say reporters should be ‘hunting for stories in datasets’. Also, understand exactly who your readers are, and how they came across your story, how your story spread, and what was the reaction to the story. Use this data to help you choose new topics and drive more traffic to your publication.


Brian Fowler, Managing Editor, Bloomberg News

Vanessa Schneider, Program Manager, Google

Jiyeun Lee, Economy Reporter, Bloomberg Korea



Paul Cheung, Director of Interactive and Digital News Production, AP

Mayu Yoshida, Business Reporter/Presenter, NHK World Newsline


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