Deep Dive: Digital Media Skills Workshop

A series of hands-on workshops offering peer-to-peer training in digital media skills to help you stay competitive in the digital newsroom. 1) Mixed Media Storytelling and 2) Video Journalism.

Telling Immersive Stories in the Digital Age

transmedia-storytelling11As the publishing media industry downsizes and reinvents itself, teams are pushing for innovation and journalists are adapting to new technologies to tell stories. The traditional printed word, television broadcast or radio program may not be enough to describe an increasingly complex world to viewers with shorter attention spans. Find out how to combine technologies to create richer coverage while expanding your story’s reach.

– Death of the Long Form?
– Mixed Media Storytelling
– New Mediums of Distribution and Coverage


Daylon Soh, Communications Manager, Metalworks by Maxus

Ted Anthony, Asia-Pacific News Director, AP

Josh Kim, Filmmaker

Douglas Crets, University of Hong Kong Journalism and Media Studies Centre



Kollenberg_1toshiprofile-copyVideos are becoming more and more important on the internet. For young journalists producing decent video is a qualification that can set them apart from their competitors. The video workshop is supposed to introduce video journalism to people who have an interest in producing journalistic pieces in the future.

Requirements are basically a smartphone or better a video capable camera and a laptop.

The workshop will consist of an assignment to produce a 30 second portrait of one of the participants during the conference on Saturday.
Malte E. Kollenberg, Multimedia Reporter
Toshi Maeda, CEO, Pacific Bridge Media

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