DMZ Tour

Visit the most heavily guarded border in the world, the Korean DMZ. A legacy of the Korean War the 2.5 mile-wide and 160 mile-long border divides the peninsula into North Korea and South Korea. It is along this area where you can most clearly see the legacy of the war and its aftermath. As a participant of N3Con 2015 Seoul, we hope you take advantage of this rare opportunity.

AAJA-Asia will be hands-off in arranging the tour. But we can point you to the right direction. There are many tour groups out there. In general there are two very different tours. Some companies combine them into a full day package, but in the interest of time, we recommend doing one or the other.

The ‘coolest’ tour is the one where you visit PANMUNJEOM or the Joint Security Area. This is where you get the closest to the North Korea border. And actually inside the conference room, you will be in North Korea once you step across the middle of the barrack.


As you can see, it’s an eery feeling because other than human guards there is no physical barrier like a gate between the two Koreas. Across the gravel is North Korea. This tour requires a lot of security clearance, strict dress code, good behavior and an approved passport. (South Koreans require a 6-month advance clearance from the Unification Ministry.)

If you go during visits by top U.S. dignitaries, you can often find North Korean soliders looking through the windows with cameras.

If you go during visits by top U.S. dignitaries, you can often find North Korean soldiers looking through the windows and often recording with cameras.

This tour is also not offered on Sundays or Mondays. So if you would like to do this tour, we recommend you go on FRIDAY, May 22nd or even before on THURSDAY, May 21st. Here is a link to one company. But do a Google search to find other options.

The other tour, which is cheaper and quicker is usually the tour of the infiltration tunnels. It doesn’t have any security or passport restrictions. And it’s not bad.



Here is one tour operator offering this itinerary. You start at 8AM and you’re done at 2PM. You can also book the tour for Sunday.




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