Asia Startup Boom

What makes the startup landscape in Asia unique? And what do journalists need to know about the tech ecosystem to create accurate and compelling coverage of this epicenter of global growth? Some of the topics to be covered in the talk include… Innovation levels: Silicon Valley’s companies are known as disruptive and world-changing. Asia’s startups[…]

Deep Dive: Digital Media Skills Workshop

A series of hands-on workshops offering peer-to-peer training in digital media skills to help you stay competitive in the digital newsroom. 1) Mixed Media Storytelling and 2) Video Journalism. Telling Immersive Stories in the Digital Age As the publishing media industry downsizes and reinvents itself, teams are pushing for innovation and journalists are adapting to new[…]

DMZ Tour

Visit the most heavily guarded border in the world, the Korean DMZ. A legacy of the Korean War the 2.5 mile-wide and 160 mile-long border divides the peninsula into North Korea and South Korea. It is along this area where you can most clearly see the legacy of the war and its aftermath. As a[…]

State Media: Government Mouthpieces?

Where does one draw the line between propaganda and journalistic integrity? How does working at a government outlet affect one’s career? Come for a discussion on state-run media in Asia where we also ask whether national bias shows up in coverage of regional tensions like Japan’s World War II-era atrocities. Speakers: Steve Herman, Southeast Asia Bureau Chief, Voice of[…]

Paul Cheung

Paul Cheung is AP’s Global Interactive Director for its New York City headquarters. He manages a global team of visual journalists who produce multimedia and information graphics for all formats, including print, online and mobile. Prior to joining the AP, Cheung was The Miami Herald’s Deputy Multimedia Presentation Editor. In 2009, he managed site redesign in 2009 and[…]

LEAP Workshop: Gravitas, Elevate Your Presence to Success

Gravitas: Elevate Your Presence to Success The terms Executive Presence and Gravitas are used to separate the real leaders from others. What is IT exactly? Why are business, companies, for-profit, and non-profit organizations looking for talent that possesses the ability to draw people to them? Further, is this something that anyone can have or is[…]

Asia’s State-Run Media: Government’s Mouthpiece?

To what extent does “ownership” affect editorial content? What are the unspoken rules of coverage? How do government media outlets cover the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Trans-Pacific Partnership, island disputes, and much more? What stories never get airtime? Where does one draw the line between propaganda[…]