New.Now.Next Media Conference | Seoul, May 22-24


Panels & Workshops

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Opening Reception @ Google Korea

Kick off N3CON in style with a discussion on using YouTube for newsrooms. Friday, May 22nd at 7PM

How to Report on North Korea

A discussion on the challenges of covering one of the most closed and unpredictable nations in the world.

State Media: Government Mouthpieces?

Where does one draw the line between propaganda and journalistic integrity? How does working at a government outlet affect one’s career? A discussion on state-run media in Asia.

Data Journalism & Best Practices

With more digital data sources available than ever before, crafting a powerful story out of data can be a rewarding endeavor… if you know where to look.

Future of Digital Content

Which newsrooms will survive in a future where content will be made for online distribution? As lines blur between content makers and journalists how do you navigate this new terrain?

Asia Startup Boom

What makes the startup landscape in Asia unique? And what do journalists need to know about the tech ecosystem to create accurate and compelling coverage of this epicenter of global growth?

What’s Your Social Strategy?

In this era, not only do organizations have to develop a digital social network strategy, individual journalists must maintain their online presence. How do you develop your own SNS brand and which tools do you use that are most effective?

Media Freedom Under Attack

As stories and coverage cross borders via digital platforms, how have traditional powers clamped down on media freedom? Find out how journalists are exposed to new liabilities, pressures and threats in a new digital media age. What are the strategies to protect one’s integrity and livelihood?

Women & Leadership in Journalism

As a woman in the newsroom, how does one transition from a new recruit to a position holding great authority? What mistakes based on the male path towards success should be avoided along the way? Find out how others have broken through mixed messages on gender to find freedom to discover your own leadership strengths.

Covering K-pop and the Korean Wave

Fans across the world have been captivated by Korean music, movies, tv shows, celebrities food and fashion. How does one bring a fresh angle to the so-called ‘Korean Wave’ story line? How do you secure great interviews and get access to the oftentimes barricaded world of the Korean entertainment industry?

Deep Dive: Digital Media Skills Workshop

A series of three hands-on workshops offering peer-to-peer training in digital media skills to help you stay competitive in the digital newsroom. 1) Human-centered design, 2) Video Journalism and 3) Mixed Media Storytelling

Diversity in Asia

What does diversity mean in Asia? How do cultures collide and collaborate in newsrooms across the region? How does a foreign correspondent navigate culture shock? How does life as a long-term expat journalist change your perceptions of diversity?

Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts

The career landscape is evolving, and the job search is evolving along with it. Personal brand, social media, digital footprint – what does it all mean? We’ll teach you how to stand out — online, in print and in person.

Gravitas: Elevate Your Presence to Success

A special leadership workshop from LEAP, Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics.

Resume Doctor

For members only, schedule a one-on-one session with one of our senior AAJA members who will serve as your own personal resume doctor!

AAJA-Google Digital Journalism Award

In partnership with the award’s sponsor Google, AAJA is looking for the best and brightest work that tells the continuing story and issues of how our society continues to evolve in the physical and digital world.

DMZ Tour

Visit the most heavily guarded border in the world, the Korean DMZ. The 2.5 mile-wide and 160 mile-long border divides the peninsula into North Korea and South Korea. As a participant of N3Con 2015 Seoul, we hope you take advantage of this rare opportunity.

LOCATION | D.Camp in Gangnam-gu

Directions & Details

Speakers & Moderators

Angie Lau
Lead Anchor, Bloomberg TV in Hong Kong
Steve Herman
Southeast Asia Bureau Chief, Voice of America
Paul Cheung
Director of Interactive and Digital News Production, Associated Press
At the AP, Paul Cheung manages a global team of visual journalists who produce multimedia and information graphics for all formats, including print, online and mobile.Cheung is the president of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA). He served on the board since 2008.
Se-Woong Koo
Editor-in-Chief, Korea Exposé
Sean Lim
Vice-President, AAJA-Asia Seoul
Toshi Maeda
CEO & Executive producer Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting (PBMC)
Martyn Williams
Senior Correspondent, IDG News Service
Zela Chin
Senior Reporter/Producer, Money Magazine, TVB Pearl
Sabrina Park
Executive and Life Coach, Sabrina Coaching Institute
Sabrina started her coaching career in 2005 with European company ‘Swiss-Asia HR consulting Korea’ as the title of Head. Before coaching, she had variety of careers in the business, such as marketing, flight attendant of KLM, opera organizer, reporter at broadcasting system and etc
Vanessa Schneider
Program Manager, Google
Vanessa has been with Google for more than four years, most recently as the Geo Media Program Manager, helping journalists around the world tell stories with Google Maps and Google Earth. Before joining Google, Vanessa worked at The New York Times, Time Inc., and a New York startup Hot Potato, acquired by Facebook in 2010.
Ching Ching Ni
Editor-in-chief, New York Times Chinese website
Iain Martin
Asia Editor, Storyful
Tony Munroe
Korea bureau chief, Reuters
James Jung
Founder and CEO, beSUCCESS
James Jung has several years of experience at Korea Telecom with various business departments including sales, HR, marketing, corporate strategy and global PR.
Kim Kwang-tae
Staff writer, Yonhap News Agency
Lina Kwon
Reporter, Arirang TV
Eugene Kim
Principal, Sparklabs
Eugene is currently a Principal of Sparklabs and manages the day –to-day operations of the Sparklabs accelerator program. Eugene had served as a Director of Global Business Development at Tencent Korea. He was responsible for Tencent’s global publishing network.
Isaac Ho
Founder and Managing Partner, Singapore Health Tech (SHT) ,
Isaac Ho is the founder and Managing Partner of Singapore Health Tech (SHT) which focuses on investments in special opportunities and start-ups. It is a subsidiary under Isaac’s family office, Singapore Health Holdings (SHH), which provides services in the three primary areas of wealth management, lifestyle investments and social contributions.
Grace Chng
Senior Tech Correspondent, The Straits Times
Cheng Kuowei
Co-founder and Editor in Chief, PanSci Knowledge
Emma Kalka
Freelance K-music journalist
Sharon Chan
Director of Journalism Initiatives, Seattle Times
Youkyung Lee
Technology and Business Writer, Associated Press
Tang Xin
Seoul Correspondent , China Central Television
Kim Heung Kwang
CEO, North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity
Ken Moritsugu
Tokyo Bureau Chief, Associated Press
Ted Anthony
Asia-Pacific News Director, Associated Press
Elise Hu
Seoul Correspondent, NPR
William Chang
Internship Coordinator, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU
Eric Talmadge
Pyongyang Bureau Chief, Associated Press


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Organized by the nonprofit Asia chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), the New.Now.Next annual journalism conference aims to: help experienced journalists hone their craft and brush up on new media skills; nurture new journalists and help them attain the skills they need to succeed; foster communication and interaction between foreign journalists and their local counterparts; delve deeper into the biggest stories in Asia with experts and journalists who cover them; and become a platform for open discussion and a sharing of ideas on the challenges of working in Asia.